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AccuZIP Inc., a national software company, provides feature rich solutions to manage Contact Data Quality, Address Hygiene, USPS® Postal Presorting and Compliance and Mail Tracking and Reporting. Since 1992, AccuZIP Inc. has created award-winning, powerful, and robust data quality and direct mail software. AccuZIP Inc.’s many products and services are certified by the United States Postal Service® at the highest level. The company is also an Accredited Better Business Bureau member with an A+ rating and is SOC 2 and HIPAA/HITECH Compliant.

Press Releases

New sampling rules in effect May 27

New sampling rules for Within County newspapers became effective May 27. Congress passed a change in the allowance for nonsubscribers to receive newspapers with the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022. President Joe Biden signed it into law April 6.

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Integrating WordPress with Naviga’s Print Circulation system

Our-Hometown will be hosting a LIVE WEBINAR EVENT on August 25, 2022, at 2 p.m. ET/1 p.m. CT/12 p.m. MT/11 a.m. PT to introduce its newest feature: Integration with Naviga’s Print Circulation System

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Within County newspaper mail to nonsubscribers now allowable up to 50% of Within County circulation

Newspapers that previously were limited to sending up to 10% of their Within County circulation to non-subscribers without commingling are now officially allowed up to 50% non-subscriber copies. The USPS Postal Service today published its new rule, as was required by the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022.

The new law went into effect April 6, but USPS is putting it into effect as of May 27, 2022.

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Where will non-metropolitan news outlets get the revenue they need to support good journalism? We need answers

He sees a future in which “for-profit general news organizations of less than enormous scale (and therefore almost all local digital outlets) will increasingly be dependent almost entirely on reader revenue.”

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Print is king at Leader Publications in Missouri, but digital is definitely an enhancement

“Everything we do on each social media is designed to drive traffic to our website,” explains Peggy. “And our website is designed to showcase the broad depth of the coverage offered in our print products. We want readers in our area to think first of the Leader when they think of news coverage.”

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TownNews and BlueLena partner to multiply reader revenue for news organizations

The pact makes it faster and easier for local media organizations to launch, test and optimize audience growth campaigns using iQ Audience+ by TownNews and the BlueLena Marketing Platform.

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Black and white and undead all over

There is an undeniable correlation between a strong local news product and a persevering local business dynamic. While one cannot attribute the success of one to the other with any certitude, publishers and the businesses they serve are confident their shared endurance is no accident.

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Boost ad sales with latest 'Relevant' research

A new six-part promotional series is available to local publishers eager to tout how newspapers' multigenerational readership is a lucrative target for advertisers.
The promotions are free to use from The Relevance Project, which teamed up with the research firm Coda Ventures, seven newspaper trade associations and Metro Creative Graphics to produce them.

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Five quick tips to help you grow reader revenue with email newsletters

Good email structure and reader-friendly styling can improve your user’s experience while helping you achieve your reader revenue goals. Here are five easy ways to make the most of email newsletters.

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Gaining new subscribers through sampling

A good way to increase your mail subscriptions is by sending sample copies of your newspaper to non-subscribers letting them see what they’re missing by not regularly reading the paper. Many publishers include a special offer as a sweetener to close the deal.

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HR3076 would allow newspapers 50% sampling

The PSRA, HR 3076, would provide newspapers a concrete benefit: it would allow more mailing of sample newspapers to nonsubscribers. Presently, publishers are permitted to use sampling for recruitment of new readers at the low Within County rate only to the extent of 10 percent of each year’s mailing volume. The new law would raise that limit to 50%. Rep. James Comer, R-Kentucky, the ranking member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, has championed that provision to encourage more newspaper readership in his state.

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Newspapers raise their IQ with strategic newsletters

Newsletters are a newspaper’s best friend.

They can be reliable, flexible, supportive, interesting and, depending on the situation, an uplifting personality to hang around.

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Growing revenue in times of crisis: donations, memberships & subscriptions

On November 17th, PressPatron is hosting a webinar to share success stories from independent publishers who have achieved high levels of reader support during 2020.

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Maximizing long-term audience revenue

Digital subscriber acquisition gets a lot of attention, but the equally important and more difficult task facing publishers is transitioning a legacy print audience to new digital platforms while retaining their profitability.

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Monetize your digital audience

Publishers around the world have been aggressively pursuing digital subscriptions over the past several years as shifting consumer preferences, a secular decline in print demand, and challenges to print delivery continue to mount. Coupled with the significant increase in the demand for news as a product of the pandemic, digital subscription volumes are substantially higher than a year ago for most publishers.

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Electronic paid/requester subscriptions can count as valuable add-ons in certain circumstances

The ability to count electronic subscriptions on the annual postal Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation, PS Form 3526, has been established since 2012. I have not revisited the subject since then, when a third page was added to the form to make counting possible. 

Newspapers selling e-subs, as commonly abbreviated, wanted to be able to count them on their sworn statement as legitimate proof to advertisers of the additional circulation. NNA worked for three years through various channels to make it happen. 

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What can we do about declining readership?

Our declining readership is not only fueled by a loss of readers to the Internet—it is a result of a decline in younger readers: those who did not pick up the newspaper habit in their formative years.

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