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Carol Pierce

Carol Pierce is the director of Washington programs. Email

What can be done to help journalism students avoid heavy indebtedness?

The professors and media advisors have collective decades of working with community newspapers and teaching young adults about the craft of journalism. This discussion highlights their sense of journalism ...

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Panel discusses recruiting young journalists who believe they can make a difference

This the first of a two-part final installment of Pub Aux’s dialogue with prominent members of the journalism academic community where they address the career aspirations of the young journalists ...

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How much time should you invest in training recent-graduate new-hires?

In the July installment, Pub Aux explored the atmosphere around journalism schools — the support, acceptance and academic environments for the schools. In August, we asked academic professionals ...

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How much of a challenge is it to create news-literate students who can analyze the sources of the news they consume?

In this issue, Pub Aux asked academic professionals about their students and instruction: how they create news-literate students and whether community newspaper publishers should expect to do more basic ...

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What does the future hold for journalism school?

Pub Aux wanted to know how academic professionals see the future of their programs and how their programs relate to community newspapers. We assembled a panel of experts from journalism programs around ...

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NNAF News Fellows recall experiences

NNAF former news fellows ⁠— Catherine Sweeney, Katie Winbauer, Emily Roland and Rachael Rodgers —  share how the program impacted their careers. 

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Where are they now? NNAF News Fellows

In 2013, National Newspaper Association and National Newspaper Association Foundation began a program for college journalists to address widespread concerns about declining news literacy. Designed to help ...

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