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Public notice resources

Public notices in newspapers are part of the three-legged stool of government accountability. Public notices help to inform the public on activities by the government and other public entities. ...

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Public notice reporting tips

Aug 1, 2023

Learning from the master: How Jim Lockwood weaves award-winning journalism out of public notices

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Will the public be notified of water problems? Depends on notice laws in your state

Jun 26, 2024

Agencies responsible for issuing public notices failed to meet requirements about 6,000 times per year on average. As a result, citizens were not notified that the Safe Drinking Water Act passed by Congress ...

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Impress upon readers the underlying value of public records

May 1, 2024

Consider these examples I encountered during my tenure as editor.

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ABOUT THE TOWN: Public notice in newspapers

Mar 1, 2024

I think it is very important that public notice remain in newspapers, and I don’t mean that to be self-serving in any way. Let me give you a better understanding of where I’m coming from.

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News websites eclipsing government sites as alternative source of notice?

Mar 1, 2024

Public notice legislation introduced so far in 2024 suggests state legislatures are growing increasingly comfortable allowing news websites to serve as an alternative source of official notice. That comfort ...

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Public notice year in review

Jan 1, 2024

2023 was a lot like 2022: A pretty good year marred primarily by the vote of a GOP-dominated state legislature to allow some local governments to publish notices on their own websites in lieu of local ...

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Move to government websites picks up steam in Ohio

Dec 1, 2023

Townships in Ohio are seeking the same power already granted to municipalities in the state: the power to publish notice via the internet instead of a local newspaper.

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Ohio enacts law curtailing newspaper notice

Nov 1, 2023

Unbeknownst to most in the newspaper business, two months earlier, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine had signed into law measures buried within the legislature’s 6,198-page budget bill that will bring sweeping ...

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