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Paper Dollars by Peter Wagner

Peter W. Wagner is founder and publisher of the award-winning N’West Iowa REVIEW and 13 additional publications. The free monthly GET REAL newsletter is written exclusively for state and national press associations and distributed by them to their members. To get Wagner’s free PAPER DOLLARS email newsletter for publishers, editors and sales managers may email him at The two monthly email newsletters contain information completely different than found in Wagner’s monthly Publishers’ Auxiliary column. Wagner can be contacted by emailing or calling his cell at 712-348-3550.

Little is the new big

There is hope and a strong future for the community newspaper. Community support pages, made up of many smaller featured ads, can sometimes produce more dollars per page than those once important grocery ...

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Paper Dollars: Are community papers akin to a circus?

There are times when producing a community paper can seem like being in a circus. One moment you are the acrobat balancing your way across a high wire, and the next, you’re the featured clown. I ...

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Paper Dollars: Traditional network stations don’t usually report their lower viewership

I’m amazed at how the traditional, over-the-air, television networks consistently report that “newspapers are dead.” Their anchors report that story time and again, but they never report ...

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A short course for print ad salespeople ⁠— an idea, air specs and the assumptive close

It is possible to learn, or at least reinforce, a truth regarding selling print advertising just about anywhere.

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Connecting with your community through a weekly column

One of the best pieces of advice offered me when my wife, Connie, and I started The N’West Iowa REVIEW came from the editor of the newspaper where we printed: “You need to write a weekly column,” ...

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