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Community Newspaper Facts & Figures

Facts and figures

Number of non-daily newspapers 7,000+ 12
Number of daily newspapers 1,408 2
Total community newspaper readership — 2.3 pass-along rate 1 150 million each week 1
Community market adults with NO Internet access at home 30% 3
Total circulation of community newspapers

65.5 million 1
45.5 million 2

Community non-daily weekly newspaper with paid circulation 44% 2
Free circulation of weekly community newspapers 25 million 1
25.2 million 2
Community non-daily newspapers with circulation less than 15,000 70.3% 1
Average circulation of community non-daily newspapers 8,125 1
Average circulation of daily newspapers 34,515 2
Community market adults who say newspaper ads are influenctial in making purchasing decisions 65% 3
Community market adults who rarely or never rely on radio for purchasing decisions 78% 3
Community market adults who rarely or never rely on television for purchasing decisions 70% 3
Community market adults who rarely or never rely on Internet for purchasing decisions 45% 3
Community market adults who read classified advertising 81% 3
Community market adults who read public notice adveritising 75% 3
Community market adults who have never visited a local government website 80% 3
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About communty newspaper readers 3
Average amount of time spent with each edition of their local community newspaper 38.95 minutes
Percentage who read all or most of each paper 73%
Most frequently read topic local news
Community market adults who rely on community newspapers as their primary source for local news 51.8%
(nearly four times greater than the next nearest medium and ten times greater than the Internet)
Believe their community newspaper’s accuracy is good to excellent 71%
Believe their community newspaper’s coverage of local news is good to excellent 75%
Married 54%
High school diploma 25.8%
Four-year college degree 20.2%
Own home 84%
Paper is delivered 69.7%

1 National Newspaper Association database 2010
2 Editor & Publisher 2008
3 NNA/Reynolds Journalism Institute annual readership research 2011

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