Turn your experiences into stories

Jerry Bellune

Apr 1, 2022


Do you have vision problems?

Lots of writers do.

When my cataracts got so clouded I could barely read, my eye surgeon stepped in.

I can see clearly now.

Here is the beginning of what I told my readers about my eye surgery experience:

Cataracts have lived with me for at least 20 years.

It was one of those unofficial marriages in which at least one of us tolerated the other.

This year that changed.

The cataract in my left eye began to grow cloudier, and the right eye was not far behind.

I said nothing at first because I didn’t want my family to have to drive me everywhere.

But I began to worry that I would run into somebody.

When I confessed I had cataracts, one friend joked, “I thought you drove a Chevrolet.”

This short example might give you an idea of how you can share your life experiences with others in a letter, a blog, even just an everyday journal entry.

Your friends, family and readers will enjoy it.

It will tune up your own Big Eyes and Big Ears to precious moments in your own life.

If you don’t know what Big Eyes and Big Ears are, you might dip into my book, The Art of Compelling Writing.

For a copy, please email me at JerryBellune@yahoo.com

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