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Florida Press Educational Services opens associate membership to non-Florida newspapers

Nov 15, 2023

Through NIE programs, teachers use newspapers, in both print and digital form, as a “living textbook” to teach subjects such as history, reading, math, economics and government at all grade ...

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Understanding Periodicals Vol 2 Lesson 7: Who is Minding the Store

Nov 9, 2023

Sometimes USPS likes to see itself as a corporation and sometimes as a government agency. How do its operating rules function and who oversees them? What can you expect if you write to a member of Congress ...

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Do it now!

Nov 1, 2023

We’ve been submitting our mailing statements electronically for several years now, but if our newspaper was still using hard copy forms, here’s how I would make the change.

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‘Freebie’ digital ads mean you're turning away profit for your paper

Nov 1, 2023

You should be charging a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) for all digital advertising on your publication’s website or package deals. Stop giving it away for free; it has a lot of value.

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Making the most of the time you have

Nov 1, 2023

As we head into the busy holiday season, it seems to be the opportune time to examine how we use our time. Does our time usage reflect the most effective way to produce a newspaper?

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Understanding Periodicals Vol 2 Lesson 6: Mail Preparation & Addressing

Oct 26, 2023

In Understanding Periodicals Lesson VI: Mail Preparation & Addressing, we will cover address components, placement, etc.

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USPS News: Hard copy postage statements coming to an end and when mail will be delivered over Veterans Day weekend

Oct 17, 2023

USPS also confirms that mail WILL be delivered Friday, November 10, 2023, prior to Veterans Day. Mail WILL NOT be delivered on Saturday, November 11, 2023.

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Oct 12, 2023

The proposed Jan. 21, 2024, postage increase for community newspapers is nearly four times the rate increase proposed for other users of the mail. In an announcement last Friday, the United States Postal ...

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Could this be the best sampling program ever?

Oct 1, 2023

Some usual goals of sampling programs follow, as well as not-so-typical sampling ideas.

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