Help children in your community understand and remember Memorial Day

May 15, 2024

Marketing Communications Manager | Kid Scoop

Wars to defend democracy are difficult for children to understand. Whether growing up in military families or not, when adults whom children know and love leave home in uniform, children have questions and deep concerns. When my own father left us to serve in wartime, my childhood was disrupted. Dad wrote me a letter trying to explain why he had to go away to fight a war, but I still didn’t understand. Thankfully, he came home to us, but many other parents, friends, and family members have not come home again. Our nation honors their service on a special day, Memorial Day, in May each year.

With care and sensitivity, Kid Scoop has created pages that feature the history and meaning of Memorial Day. The purpose of these special pages is to help youngsters understand and appreciate those who gave their lives so we have freedom, opportunities, and possibilities for our lives and the lives of future generations.

Sponsors for the Memorial Day Kid Scoop page include local units of veterans’ organizations, non-profit education agencies, education-minded retailers, and all members of your community to honor those who served from your town. Give them the opportunity to contribute to the education of children as to the importance of Memorial Day.

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