NNA members gather to play bingo, thanks to sponsor, Modulist

Apr 1, 2022

(Bottom, middle) During NNA s social hour playing ‘Bingo’, Bev Keller of The Budget in Sugarcreek, Ohio, wins the final round. Keller ended the night winning three regular rounds and blackout, to go home with $130.  (Kate Decker)

NNA members gathered the evening of March 24 for social time and bingo play.

Members played 10 rounds and then closed the night with ‘blackout’ or coverall.

Bev Keller of The Budget in Sugarcreek, Ohio, was the top winner of the night, winning blackout and three regular rounds to go home with $130.

Mary Huber of the Archbold (Ohio) Buckeye snuck out of the gate early, winning the first round in about five minutes; Huber closed out the night winning $50.
Gary Sosniecki, retired, won two round, $20.

Helen Sosniecki, retired, and Diane Everson, The Edgerton (Wisconsin) Reporter, each won one round, $10.

Thanks to NNA Allied Member Modulist of Fargo, North Dakota, for sponsoring this social event. Social events are free to NNA members and nonmembers. Email lynne@nna.org for more info.