What is compelling writing?

Jerry Bellune

Oct 1, 2021

Novelist Josephine Humphreys describes what she thinks news reporters do: Like bees, we fly out to gather news like pollen.

She describes what she does in grim, novelistic style: “I’m like a spider spinning stories out of my guts.”

As she was not a reporter, she made news reporting seem simpler than it is — yet she was right.

Reporting and storytelling are challenging. They don’t have to be difficult.

They can be joyous, like a great symphony, gripping book or unforgettable movie.

Reporting is grounded in keen conservation, collection of available facts and respect for accuracy and truth.

Storytelling grabs your readers and compels them to read.

We can do both.

Pub Aux Managing Editor Kate Decker invited me to share my ideas about compelling writing with you. Next month we’ll discuss how your writing can be more like a letter to Mom.

Jerry Bellune is a veteran writing coach, newspaper editor and book publisher — “The Art of Compelling Writing, Volume 1.” You may contact him at JerryBellune@yahoo.com.