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Series introduces young readers to inventors from around the world (NNA members)

Feb 1, 2023

The Missouri Press Foundation and NNA Foundation are offering a new, original, free series to newspapers across the country for publication. This year, readers will enjoy a short story in each chapter ...

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USPS extends sack killing deadline ⁠— requires weekly needs report

Jan 31, 2023

Meanwhile, mailers still using sacks are required ... 

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Understanding Periodicals mail vol 2

Jan 20, 2023

The Max Heath Postal Institute™ 2023 certificate program is designed to de-mystify Periodicals mail and will comprise several sessions. More here ... 

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USPS announces 30 day grace period for eliminating sacks for Periodicals

Jan 7, 2023

NNA is pleased to announce that the USPS has agreed to an extension period for the elimination of sacks for Periodicals and Marketing Mail. The Postal Service announced late Jan. 6 that it concluded mailers ...

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USPS to eliminate most sacks for Periodicals as of Jan 22 ⁠— some still allowed

Jan 5, 2023

USPS continued its push to revise its mail processing procedures today with an announcement that sacks will no longer be accepted for Periodicals, Marketing Mail or other classes. But some exceptions will ...

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USPS sets deadline for changes to processing plant entry times — Jan 29

Jan 4, 2023

NNA Member Alert ⁠— Periodicals mailers entering their mail at USPS processing plants have until January 29 to reset their production schedules to meet the new USPS deadline for entering ...

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A new mission: answering how rural communities sustain journalism that serves local democracy

Jan 1, 2023

This column, which we started almost 12 years ago as a guide to covering rural issues, using examples from The Rural Blog, has a new name: Sustaining Rural Journalism.

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Cherokee Phoenix continues to soar

Jan 1, 2023

Over 141,000 of those Cherokee Nation citizens reside within the tribe’s reservation boundaries — an area comprised of 14 counties in northeastern Oklahoma. It’s a vast community for ...

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Kevin’s To-Do List for 2023

Jan 1, 2023

As we get set to begin 2023, here are some steps I often recommend when visiting with community papers.

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