EarthTalk, column on environment issues, available at no charge

Nov 16, 2021

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E - The Environmental Magazine produces a weekly, nationally syndicated Q&A column on the environment called EarthTalk.

Hundreds of newspapers around the U.S. and Canada carry EarthTalk, either regularly or on a space available basis. 

E - The Environmental Magazine would like to offer it to your organization at no charge.

We certainly don’t need to tell you that the environment is a rapidly growing public concern, which makes EarthTalk a timely column indeed!

EarthTalk covers all the key and emerging environmental issues ⁠— from recycling to climate change, and from the “global village” to our own backyards.

We provide practical information on such topics as healthy and organic foods, hybrid and electric cars, earth-friendly products, environmentally minded investments, green house and home ideas, "eco-travel" and more. And contact information is included at the end of every column so that readers can research topics further if they so choose.

We also address the many urgent, global-impacting environmental issues we face today – climate change, ocean pollution, biodiversity concerns, chemical pollution, endangered species, water scarcity -- what’s being done about them, and what readers can do to make a difference.

EarthTalk is provided fully edited and written in a very accessible style -- and to make your job easier we provide photos (use optional) and suggested captions with each weekly installment.

Please go to this link for a fuller explanation. From here you can make your way to sample columns, testimonials from other editors, and a sign-up form if you are interested:

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