USPS announces 30 day grace period for eliminating sacks for Periodicals

Jan 7, 2023

NNA is pleased to announce that the USPS has agreed to an extension period for the elimination of sacks for Periodicals and Marketing Mail. The Postal Service announced late Jan. 6 that it concluded mailers needed more time to make the adjustment. Sacks will now be accepted through Feb. 21, 2023.

Mailers are reminded that exceptions will remain.

  • For Periodicals and Marketing Mail: sacks can be accepted when they are carrier route containers, 5-digit scheme containers or 5-digit carrier route containers
  • For mail entered at Delivery Units: no container is needed, bundles can be entered directly

To mitigate the impact on larger mailers, the 100 pound weight minimum for pallets destined for mixed ADC destinations will be eliminated so mailers can put bundles on pallets for these sparsely-distributed destinations.

The USPS extension announcement is available here: Industry Alert - Sack Elimination 30-Day Grace Period | PostalPro (