Are newspaper publishers also reading teachers?

Jun 16, 2022

Creator | Kid Scoop 

Actually, YES you are … when you publish Kid Scoop in your community newspaper. Teachers know that learning can’t stop when the final bell rings. Children need to continue reading at home to build their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.

Indeed, you, the newspaper publisher are the perfect partner with reading teachers in your local schools because Kid Scoop stimulates more and more reading at home.

Take a look at the super-fun reading activities printed on a typical Kid Scoop weekly page pictured here. In the small boxes of fine print, you’ll see the word STANDARD. This reading-language arts standard is a required goal for children to meet on standardized reading tests. The activity develops the standard skill. These “Common Core Reading Standards” have been adopted by 45 states.

Reading teachers work hard all day long to help their students meet these standards in state reading tests. But reading teachers know that more reading has to happen at home. When children miss out on after-school learning at home, it is much harder for them to meet the required standards.

So, to all you publishers who are providing Kid Scoop each week in your newspaper, a big THANK YOU from all reading teachers. You are a reading teacher’s partner. And if you deliver your newspaper with Kid Scoop published in it to a teacher’s classroom, a second big THANK YOU! You are giving reading teachers a way to double-charge the reading instruction in their classrooms.

When sponsors from your community — education-minded individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, utilities, etc. — underwrite the Kid Scoop weekly page published in your newspaper, they are also reading teachers.

When parents subscribe to your newspaper, they are reading teachers, too, because they are partnering with schools to give their children a full day of stimulating Kid Scoop reading activities beyond the school day and outside of the school building.

Thank you, all of you Kid Scoop reading teachers — inside and outside of the classroom!


Vicki Whiting, creator of Kid Scoop