Kid Scoop creates coronavirus insert for children and families

Dec 14, 2020

The Coronavirus Coloring and Activity Book, a 16-page newsprint insert, is designed to help children and families understand the pandemic and practice healthy habits. It is available to newspapers as a PDF in individual English or Spanish editions and can be used to generate revenue from sponsors such as hospitals, medical offices, and local businesses. A newspaper may also choose to distribute booklets as a stand-alone, free as a public service.

Both editions use word searches, coloring activities, a special Scrub Squad hand-washing song, puzzle-making and writing about life before and during the pandemic. Children can submit their decorated masks—a mask outline is on one page—and their writing to newspapers, strengthening community connections.

The Coronavirus Coloring and Activity Book is designed for sponsorships to cover the cost of production and distribution as well as generate additional revenue for newspapers. Space for sponsor and newspaper logos is provided.

The Coronavirus Coloring and Activity Book was created by Vicki Whiting, whose weekly youth feature Kid Scoop is published in more than 300 newspapers. The booklet is a Special Edition publication of the Kid Scoop News Foundation, a companion to the weekly Kid Scoop feature.

“This family publication is designed to bring enticing reading into the home (where there may not be any reading material), and build literacy through what appears to be fun,” said Whiting, whose Kid Scoop youth feature has been published for 28 years.

“We know the power of reading is basic for success in life. One teacher told us, ‘They love it because it looks like fun with all the color and activities to do, but it is engaging them in reading nonfiction which is so hard to do!’”

This section is available in English and in Spanish as two separate publications. 

For further information, contact Dan “Patio” Dalton, Sales Director for Kid Scoop, at 909-793-9890 or