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Postal Tips by Matt Paxton

Matt Paxton is NNA Postal Chair and a member of the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee for NNA, along with Brad Hill of Interlink and NNA's Tonda Rush.

USPS delivery network changes might affect you

There are a lot of changes coming at USPS, and not just to rates. Starting this summer, we were made aware of changes coming in some larger metro areas involving consolidating carrier routes into large ...

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Protect your mailing permit

The postal team at NNA recently got a question from a member asking what specific postal regulatory violations would trigger the revocation of a Periodicals permit. We thought other members might benefit ...

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Here's the lowdown on USPS’ other permit — Marketing Mail

Those of you publishing shoppers or TMC papers in addition to your regular newspapers are probably quite familiar with the ins and outs of Marketing Mail, which used to be called Standard Class or bulk ...

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Streamline your production process with Alternate Marked Copy

In a recent Max Heath Postal Institute™ webinar, there was quite a bit of interest in, and questions about, the Postal Service’s rules on marked copies and the Alternate Marked Copy process.

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Protect your Periodicals permit

When you’ve been mailing your newspapers for a while and your systems are in place for maintaining your subscriber list, your single-copy vendor records, file copies for verifying ad percentages ...

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With NMA partnership, we expect that our combined voice on Capitol Hill will be greater

This move recognizes that all three organizations have areas of strength but that resources are tight in our industry. By working together on public policy and in sharing training resources and technical ...

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What we can do to help our out-of-town subscribers receive the print edition faster

Our circulation people hear it all the time: “I haven’t gotten my newspaper for three weeks.” “I got two editions the same day.” “Some weeks it takes three days; sometimes ...

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Is the mail still the best distribution option for community newspapers?

The past 18 months have not been happy ones for the U.S. Postal Service and its customers. Delivery service, particularly for out-of-county newspapers, has been alternating between mediocre and outright ...

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Gaining new subscribers through sampling

A good way to increase your mail subscriptions is by sending sample copies of your newspaper to non-subscribers letting them see what they’re missing by not regularly reading the paper. Many publishers ...

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Ready or not, Seamless Acceptance for Full Service Mailers is coming

Now, it appears that all Full Service mailers entering currently through their local BMEU, likely their local post office, will be verified using only automated sampling and verification processes beginning ...

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Postal Q&A: What are the steps to take when merging 2 smaller papers into 1?

NNA members jump hurdles while USPS handles surge in packages. 

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Higher postage rates are coming — here’s what you can do about it

NNA members surveyed in August indicated they were seeing service problems across the board in all mail classes, even for Within County.

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My experience with the PPP loan forgiveness application

For publishers who were able to get Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) loans last spring and summer and have not applied for forgiveness of those loans, maybe you can benefit from my experience with completing ...

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Navigating the USPS Business Customer Gateway

It’s clear to me that the more a newspaper adapts to the Postal Service’s preferred, and perhaps in the future mandatory, procedures for mail preparation, acceptance and payment of your mailings, ...

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BMEU full-service mailers transitioned to participate in Seamless Parallel by June 1

This means that if your newspaper is a Full Service ImB mailer, like it or not, your mailing will be enrolled in the Seamless Parallel program. 

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Seamless acceptance, Enterprise Payment System, Business Customer Gateway changes for members

A big part of NNA’s participation in the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) is getting a preview of new programs and procedures proposed by the Postal Service. The theory is that the representatives ...

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